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Two eyes, two visions, one true world.

This is the most advanced thermal imaging equipment of IRay Technology to date.

It is equipped dual-channel image sensor: high-definition thermal imaging channel and star-level micro-light channel,

multi-mode image is perfectly integrated, intelligently identifies the target, and is specially designed for harsh environ

ments, resistant to salt spray, moisture and sand.


1. Clear image: with high-performance Vox uncooled infrared FPA detector independently developed by IRay;

2. Multi-channel fusion: infrared, low-light, black-and-white fusion, color fusion and other image modes are integrated, with target identification function;

3. High frame rate: 50Hz frame rate, the image is displayed in real time.

4. Storage function: built-in 32G storage device with functions such as photo, video and video playback;

5. Adjustable diopter: it can adapt to the needs of users with different vision;

6. Light weight: 1.0kg weight, compact structure, ergonomic design.

7. Low power consumption: The standby time of the MFusionOWL-640 is up to 5h, and the standby time of the MFusionOWL-384 is up to 6h.


Support binocular observation; support reticle display; support electronic zoom; support power management; support

screen brightness automatic adjustment function, support brightness, contrast adjustment; support face close to screen

lights up function; with Real-time clock.


Waterproof rating IP67;

Working temperature: -40~55 °C;


MFusionOWL series binocular can detect the target in the harsh environment: Whether it is at night or day, in the city or in the jungle.