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Meet Clip M Series

The thermal imaging camera Clip M Series is one of the most affordable Clip-on type cameras in the market. It is very compact and easy to use as an attachment together with day scopes. NO ZEROING is required when attaching to the day scope. It also can be used as a professional portable monocular.
Small body but with powerful ability.

High Image Quality With Ultraclear Mode

The high performance IRay Vox detector and the advanced image processing create brilliant and sharp images.

And high contrast AMOLED micro display with HD resolution offers sharp image and vivid colors. Display ensures excellent image quality and flawless performance even in freezing temperatures.

Built-in Ultraclear mode made for bad weather such as heavy fog and rain. It will be more sensitive and get more details.

All these are to present the best use effect and experience to the user.

Quick Transformation, No Rezeroing Required

Clip M Series is a dual-use camera, or as a thermal monocular for searching, or as an attachment of day riflescope for shooting with quick transformation.

With the special calibration to the camera, no rezeroing is required after attaching to the day scope. The front-mounted allows consistent shooting position and eye relief with an existing day riflescope. Original design and precision technology ensure POI stability that users do not need to make any correction to position of day riflescope’s reticle when mounting Clip M series.

Furthermore, because of the compact size and lightweight design, it do not influence the balance of the rifle significantly.

Rotary Lens Cap, Accidental Touch Prevention Design

The most noticeable is the rotary lens cap which is designed with self-locking structure to prevent accidental touch (it happens, believe me), yet still compact and easy to operate.

Beyond that, because of the great design, there are many choices of the battery, such as CR123A, 16340. The battery 16650 also can be used with the adapter which will provide longer operating time.

Built-in Accelerometer And Digital Compass

Built-in accelerometer and digital compass improve accuracy by precisely identifying cant and angles. The Clip M series can indicate the direction and degree of lateral tilting.

All function can be controlled by one key, which makes the operations easy and quick.

Your Wise Choose WithClip M Series