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Brand Statement

by xinfrared Admin 01 Jun 2022

InfiRay, InfiRay Outdoor, and Xinfrared are all brands of Raytron Technology Co., Ltd.

InfiRay is a leader in uncooled IRFPA, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of infrared imaging technologies and products. InfiRay is committed to providing global customers with professional infrared thermal imaging products and industry solutions. The main products are infrared detector chips, thermal camera cores and thermal imaging modules, night vision thermal imaging devices, infrared thermographic cameras, etc.

InfiRay Outdoor focuses on the field of outdoor products and is committed to creating professional outdoor optoelectronic products, bringing the ultimate technology experience to customers around the world.


Xinfrared focuses on innovative consumer thermal imaging products and is committed to providing consumers with cost-effective thermal imaging products, making infrared thermal imaging accessible to thousands of households.

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