The Best 5 Thermal Monoculars

The Best 5 Thermal Monoculars

 We all know by now that thermal cameras are far better than night vision in hunting, but there are too many thermal monoculars on the market, and if you don't know how to choose, you can read this article. We have briefly introduced the 5 best thermal monoculars for your reference.

  1. Burris Thermal Handheld Viewer BTH 50

This is an excellent thermal vision hand-held monocular. This hunting monocular allows you to view thermal vision in different conditions with five color palettes. It can also adjust the contrast and brightness. It has a magnification of 3.3x-13.2x and has a 50mm objective lens, smooth zoom, and wi-fi connectivity to let you lock on to your target.

This monocular is compact enough to fit easily in the palm of your hand or a standard jacket pocket. The excellent portability makes it the perfect tool for scouting and reconnaissance.

The Burris BTH 50 Thermal Viewer connects to your smartphone, making this model top-notch for anyone serious about coyote hunting or any other hunt that requires thermal vision. But the price is more expensive, over $1000.

  1. FLIR Scout TK

This is a compact handheld thermal monocular that is easy to use and perfect for security or close-range hunting.

The thermal imaging technology used in this monocular includes a microbolometer, which provides best-in-class performance while minimizing power consumption and reducing weight. While the Scout TK does not have a top-of-the-line high-resolution sensor, it is good enough quality for beginners as an entry-level thermal monocular.

This monocular has a frame rate of 9 frames per second. the 640 x 480 LCD provides good clarity and brightness levels, and the 20 x 16-degree field of view makes it ideal for outdoor use, while the easy-to-use, the intuitive user interface makes it easier to use.

It's relatively inexpensive at $709.

  1. AGM Global Vision TM160 Asp-Micro

It is a short-range thermal imaging mini system, very similar to a small flashlight 10 ounces in weight and an affordable price makes it a convenient device for outdoor use. This monocular is not only easy to use, but it is also waterproof. He has a waterproof rating of IP67 and a drop test height of 5 feet.

Although its display is small, it has high clarity and contrast. So you can spot objects even in total darkness. 1x, 2x and 4x digital zooms are also useful in outdoor scenarios. It comes in four color palettes - Black Hot, Red Hot, White Hot, and Fusion - that you can customize.

But this is an affordable short-range thermal imaging viewer. AGM does not give a specific detection range for the TM160. For anyone just starting, this is a worthy choice for a thermal imaging viewer for only $339.

  1. ATN OTS Thermal Smart HD 640

This thermal camera gets the highest recommendation from hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. It is available in many sizes with different sensor ratings and zoom options, but we think the 640 (1-10x) variant is the best because it offers high-end sensor resolution and excellent zoom at a reasonable price.

Its thermal sensor has a high resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, which is higher than the pixel rating of a standard TV. Its thermal sensor can detect even small temperature changes. Meanwhile, additional features like a 3D gyroscope and electronic compass allow you to see in total darkness.

If you want video and photos with great resolution, this is a great choice. With the upgraded Wi-Fi module in this version, you can share your adventures with friends in a few easy steps. But the price is more expensive, even able to reach $2899.

  1. Infiray T2 Pro Thermal Monocular

What makes this thermal camera different from the other four is that it can connect directly to your smartphone. And it is the lightest, at less than 0.8 ounces. But the smaller size does not lessen its performance. Its thermal sensor has a high resolution of 256 x 192 pixels, which is not the best, but doing so at this weight is noteworthy.

Likewise, the 2-15x digital zoom allows you to navigate the outdoors and you can see deer up to 1579 yards away.

The interface is also simple and easy to use, just as easy as using your smartphone.

If you want to pack light and still see farther, the Infiray T2 Pro is a great choice. And it comes at an affordable price of $419.


Are there any of the above five thermal imaging cameras that you are interested in? Welcome to communicate with us further.