The World's Smallest Thermal Imager: Powerful and Affordable

The World's Smallest Thermal Imager: Powerful and Affordable

Sunlight pours through the gaps in the thick forest and falls on the lawn. Tolstov appeared from the top of the slope on his motorcycle. The crisp chirping of birds in the forest mixed with the sound of the motorcycle's engine. He soon reached us along the trail. "The hunting season is almost over, and my video updates will become more frequent." He pulls a large package out of his backpack, "This is something unusual, Xinfrared T2 Pro It's not simply a thermal imager, but a piece of technology that turns your smartphone into a thermal camera."

Tolstov is a hunter and, at the same time, has his own channel on YouTube. He often reviews useful tools in his videos.

The box is very big and full of protective foam inside to keep Xinfrared T2 Pro from damage during shipping. Finally, Tolstov took out the thermal imager. The size is as small as a coin. "This is the smallest thermal imager!" Tolstov says, "If you ask me what are its advantages, the price must be mentioned. Such a small device with great mobility is cost-effective and even cheap. It has a light weight of under 20 g and is able to see people clearly from 1300 m away."

"I have it connected to my phone now, and it can also be mounted on a rifle. As you can see, the thermal imager works very well."

It's completely dark, and Tolstov is ready to take us for a walk in the woods and test Xinfrared T2 Pro in the darkness by the way. Pointing at Xinfrared T2 Pro's APP interface, he explains, "The APP language is alternative, and the color mode is adjustable. You can open the original camera of the phone and adjust the temperature range. Picture-in-picture mode and adjustable temperature range are also supported. You can even remove the logo of Xinfrared from the thermal images. While hunting, it can display the speed the target is moving at. The interface and the menu are simple and straightforward for anyone to use easily."

"It's really clear!" We can see the dog's hair clearly visible in Xinfrared T2 Pro.

"There's something in the bush!" Tolstov looks around with Xinfrared T2 Pro thermal imager. "It's almost 1.5 km away! Obviously, it's on the power line on the other side of the canyon. I am sure that it must be a bird." The bird of an unknown species is a clear highlight in the thermal image.

"You can see the thermal images on your smartphone the same as me. A dog licking its fur 100 meters away can be seen very clearly." Tolstov pointed the smallest Xinfrared T2 Pro thermal imager at the dog, which kept highlighted on the screen. Its dripping slobber and footprints are clearly visible.

"I can't say I 100% know its capability. But it is quite sure that Xinfrared T2 Pro thermal imager has superior and astonishing performance among various thermal imagers. We can try to scan injured animals during the day or night."