From Fever Screening to Industrial Temperature Measurement - InfiRay Combines Infrared Thermal Imaging with Machine Vision

From Fever Screening to Industrial Temperature Measurement - InfiRay Combines Infrared Thermal Imaging with Machine Vision

Xinfrared Thermlal Camera for Fever Screening 読む From Fever Screening to Industrial Temperature Measurement - InfiRay Combines Infrared Thermal Imaging with Machine Vision 3 分 Thermography solution: T3S/T3Pro for temperature measurement

Live broadcast of Laser World of Photonics China in Shanghai

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On July 3, the 15th Laser World of Photonics China was held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. This event is the first large offline exhibition in the optoelectronics technology industry since the outbreak of COVID-19, and therefore means a lot.

In this event, InfiRay® has unveiled its first 1.3-megapixel temperature measurement thermal camera AT1280, multiple industrial temperature measuring devices, and the high-resolution thermal cameras for temperature measurement that have played a significant role in epidemic prevention and control.


Products for epidemic prevention and control

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, InfiRay®, the leading manufacturer of uncooled IRFPA, responded quickly and rolled out fast fever screening products, which provides integrated thermal imaging solutions for epidemic control domestically and overseas. InfiRay® products that have helped epidemic control, such as ATS, ITS, DTS, FS256 Pro, and C200H, have been on show at the exhibition. 


Spot coverage on IRay by ICS of Shanghai TV

An InfiRay® employee showcasing a fever screening thermal camera

More efforts in expanding industrial vision application

Besides products for epidemic prevention and control, InfiRay® also brings infrared imaging products for industrial vision and machine vision, including A8 online series, AM series, AT series, handheld series, thermal camera for smartphone, and various modules. These products provide infrared imaging solutions to new infrastructure applications, such as power monitoring and railway construction, and also application methods to key industries, including petrifaction, metallurgy, cement, glass, scientific research, and technology monitoring.


In a more innovative world, the combination of infrared imaging and machine vision will be the new trend in future industry development. InfiRay® will bring its advantages in the uncooled infrared industry to fully play by providing industrial vision and infrared thermal imaging solutions. In this way, a new vision will be opened for the industry and lead machine vision into a new era.


Accelerating Application in Emerging Civil Scenarios

Powered by new technologies such as AIoT and 5G, machine vision will embrace higher development. As the basis for images and temperature, infrared imaging sensors will have more opportunities. InfiRay®, the industry leader, has irreproducible core competitiveness. It has mastered core technologies of infrared chips and boasts a full industry chain covering upstream core components and downstream terminal systems.

Within ten years since its establishment, InfiRay® has introduced new technologies to make innovations and upgraded industry technologies. It took the lead in releasing the 10 μm 1280 × 1024 VOx IRFPA detector. Its full series of 12 μm infrared detectors achieved massive production, and ceramic-packaging and WLP detectors have achieved full digital output.


Enabled by powerful technologies and R&D capabilities as well as a full industry chain, InfiRay® will continue to explore possibilities in various areas of the infrared industry and promote the application of the infrared thermal imaging technology in emerging civil scenarios.

Through thick and thin, InfiRay® sets foot for further exploration and will embrace a brighter future.