Coin-Size Thermal Camera: T2L from Xtherm Family

Coin-Size Thermal Camera: T2L from Xtherm Family

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With joyful and excitement, we are proud to announce the surprising news: we will release the tiniest family member of Xtherm series recently---the T2L thermal imaging camera with the newest 12um high-performance thermal sensor.

Coin-size but powerful functional features provide versatile applications for temperature measurement in multiple scenarios such as home, office, industry and hotel. The ultra-lightweight and plug-and-play characters allow the unit to perfectly fit into your smartphones via the interface connector. Working as temperature camera brings the T2L increased-level technical superiority for your whole life.

The following part is a brief data sheet we made about the key parameters of T2L thermal camera tool:



Detector resolution


Working temperature


Pixel pitch


Measuring range




Measurement accuracy

±3℃, or ±3% of range








White hot/Black hot/ other



OS Supporting



More features and parameters about the T2L will be available after the official release.

High performance 12um thermal sensor

The T2L thermal camera is an upgraded version of the Xthermal series before. All T2L thermal cameras are embedded with the newest 12um thermal sensor which has embraced the critical parameters that you can get the performance information. If you have browsed our website for Xtherm products, the most privileged advantage that you can experience from T2L is the ultra -clear images brought by 12um thermal sensor and the image sharpness you had never experienced.


Coin-size thermal imaging camera

26x26x26.6 dimension data denotes the coin-size of the unit. T2L has the smallest size compared with other Xtherm products we have released on the market before. You don’t really realize the size when the unit is connected with your smartphone. On the other size, there is no doubt you can take it for your outdoor journey anytime.


Precise temperature measurement

The same setting and performance features that T2L concluded are familiar with the Xtherm series we released before. Accurate temperature report can be tested out by three measuring methods: spot-linear-surface temperature measurements. -10℃~+50℃ working temperature requirements and -20℃~+120℃ measuring range ensure the prefect connection for extended outdoor temperature measuring. ±3℃ measuring accuracy provides precise environmental temperature data as far as possible.

Offer thermal resolution for Safety and Industrial test

Also due to the tiny size you can apply this device in various scenarios. It provides accurate temperature statistics and gives the feedback on the significant signals of the environment or your body status. The referred situations we concluding the fever temperature measurement, precaution to against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and industrial temperature measurement, etc.