iOS-XH09 Scope Mount

iOS-XH09 Scope Mount

Secure and elevate your shooting experience with our durable metal scope mount, designed for XH09. Easily attach it to your gun's Picatinny rail for a robust connection. Unleash the full potential of XH09 for precision hunting and aiming.

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essential tool for hvacr

As a hvacr, thermal cam is a tool that you won’t use it very often but when you need it and you have it you will be thankful. They have come way down in cost and even the ones you use with your phone actually work really well. T2S+ is a great option.

T2splus is indeed a great tool

After testing a Seek PRO and an amazingly Qianli, I finally decided to buy the T2SPlus,and it doesn't disappointed me
For 300€, I think this will be perfect for what I need/want!

Xinfrared One XH09

Works great! Phone and camera holder work very nice as well. Recommend.

Great little tool.

Great tool for troubleshooting electronics. Fun and easy to use.

Excellent product

lives upto all the hype of the you tube reviews, This thing is excellent.

A great tool to have!

I love the compact system and simple set up. Works great! 👍


Just get it, you will love it!

A Great Tool

This is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal if you do anything with repairing electronics.

Just get one, it’s great value for money and you will not regret it.

Unreal how good it works

I had got the NV2 for my work car that I drive 120 miles a day four times a week . It keep me from hitting a deer in the first week ,you are able to see into wood beside the road 80 yards ahead of you and the AI makes a highlighted block around living things . Well worth the money . My family is very happy that I have it in the car , over last couple years I have hit so many we lost count


Alles bestens


Camera did not respond on older Google phone. Because of this being an older phone with OTG adaptive issues, I traded for a NEW Samsung Galaxy 24+ and have the same connect issues. Waiting on reply from Xinfrared on Remedy to FIX the issue.

Works great, small and compact

Bought the unit that works with the iPhone. The handle for the phone and camera really makes it easier to use and record. I do have one concern, my older iPhone SE would not see the camera. My newer SE (5G) works just fine. Still trying to figure it out with the older phone. It’s a little more money than the FLIR unit I own, but the handle and case make up the difference. Still a good unit, and I will keep working on the older IPhone issue.


I absolutely love it! The clarity is better than what I thought it would be! I've seen $3000 cameras beforethat didn't even work this good! The only negative is I wish it came with better instructions. Obviously playing around with it I can figure out. Like different scenarios what would be the best settings. But it's great! I have a couple people that are going to buy one after seeing mine!

Great camera for the price

P2 Pro is much better than 3 years old standalone FLIR camera (which was about 1000 euro). I am surprised that I could see underfloor heating pipes and wires using P2 Pro and using FLIR i couldn't. It's very easy to operate and I can check temperature of any area in the picture by drawing square, line or putting points.

pretty good thermal camera

I've been interested in the topic of thermal imaging for a while and have had a lot of work done with thermals in observation related situations for a couple of years-days on end.

Since I've stopped working there my interest for thermal imaging didn't go away.

I wanted to have a thermal camera/ sight for Airsoft and just for fun, well I bought my first device which is a T2 pro from Infiray, granted it doesn't cost like the 300,000 dollar camera I used to handle previously- it still granted me the perspective of budget performance in the field.
Now I want to get into some serious tomfoolery with this device but I can't find answers to a few questions.

Infiray take weeks to get back to their customers and I doubt they'll want to answer me, but I will write them a message asap none the less.

My idea is to connect this camera to a drone (albeit the focus will be fixed) and use the TX pin on its USB-C output but I have no idea how to find it, say I would; this leaves me with the question of whether or not I HAVE to use android with it or how to go about doing so.

Can I just connect the USB-C's TX directly to the data transmitter or is it not going to work/brick my device.

Open to more suggestions on how to go about connecting this camera to any non-android displays- would be cool to assemble a makeshift thermal sight out of it.

I can see the veins in my feet!

So cool. There are some thing it can do that I didn't expect. Just take the time to go through the features to find the exact set up you like.

XH09 thoughts @ 2weeks

I like the unit and does as advertised. .5x or1x would be nice but the 2x-15x worked fine. The only issue and may be me .Seems you point the cell in opposite direction to get to see the thermal image unlike pointing cells owns camera ? It will take more time to adjust for me to be proficient .

Hi! Thx for your support!
You can adjust the orientation in the settings, so in the main screen there is a float menu and find 'image flip' then choose 180°.
Any questions pls let me know.

Xinfrared T3 Thermal imaging for Hunting 384*244 19mm Lens Night Vision Monocular
Neil Cigelske
No customer service!!!

I placed an order for the T3 Thermal Jan. 5th. Got a oder confirm a tion that day, 20 days later No Responce to emails, phone calls and messages left on the web site. When you call them, it goes straight to voice mail with no return call.

Sorry about that, T3 is no more manufacturing any more, already contacted you sending a new product(will be on market next month) that outperforms T3.
Appreciate it again for your support!

Pretty good


This thing is absolutely amazing! I am so impressed with the build quality and functionality of this little unit. The only downside so far may be in the app. I find that the temperature readings are wildly inaccurate and off by almost 20 degrees C but hopefully this will be addressed with the next update. I also own an original Seek Thermal unit for Android and I must say that this new unit from Xinfraray is leaps and bounds ahead of the Seek Thermal Camera in both functionality and build quality.

Good little LWIR camera dongle

+ Good framerate, has more fluid motion as compared to a 25 fps camera (T2S+)
+ Smooth focus mechanism
+ Excellent quality construction. Nice overall package and accessories

- Not as accurate temperature measurements compared to a T2S+

Overall a nice little tool that has good imagine quality and fluid framerate. Excellent for inspections and outdoor use!

I think AI night vision should be mandated as standard safety equipment, or at least an insurance...

I like the way the NV2 identifies heat signatures so I bought a second unit for my other car. There are 2 things I don't like, one is I wish I could choose and turn off some of the things it says, for just a tone of some sort, I have the radio up too loud to understand what it says a lot of the time. The second, is I am in the process of modifying the screen to be removed from, but tethered to the "Charlies Angels speakerphone box" so that I can just have only the screen and light sensor visible on the dash. The unit as it is, is too tall for my 6 foot seated position in my sporty type cars. I have requested help getting the cable I would need to modify my units, from their chat line, but I am still currently waiting for a response on what what they can offer me. The connector is, J6, a KEL USL20-30SS-015-C 30 pin slim plug, and the light sensor can just be extended with some thin gauge wire. One screw underside will allow disassembly. Keep in mind that this voids your warranty. I suppose a 3rd, less significant negative, is that the license plate mount that I received, if mounted to the top of the plate would cover the state ID and is technically illegal that way, so maybe mount it to the bottom bolts or locate it elsewhere like zip-tie-ing it behind the grille. I am going to 3d Print a magnet mount to place my camera at the rear of my engine hood since my cars are low to the ground. Otherwise I highly recommend getting one. Keep an eye out for when they go on sale and buy it then.

Great thermal monocular for coyote hunting

I purchased the Xinfrared T2 Pro for spotting coyotes. It is so much easier to look through and to use than my Pulsar thermal monocular and when in Ninja mode the light from my iPhone does not illuminate me.
The attached picture has a fawn at about 60 yards, a group of deer about 230 yards and the small dots in the background are deer cresting a hill 500+ yards away. I could not identify the animals at the farthest distance, but all I need to see is the moving heat signature, my scope can do the identification.
Very impressed, not what I was expecting.

La mejor del mundo

Tengo varias cámaras térmicas pero esta sin duda es la mejor del mundo en este momento en relación calidad precio. Soy ingeniero electrónico y en la reparación de equipos actuales es imprescindible, su resulucion y rapidez de respuesta hacen ideal para este campo.
Hay otras cámaras de bajo coste y baja calidad pero es impensable si eres profesional que compres esos productos.
Ademas voy a comprar mas productos de Infiray pues la calidad esta mas que asegurada.
***** FIVE STARS *****

Awesome Camera

Works better than expected. I have already talked it up to my friends and they will be purchasing one soon.