Xinfrared Set to Dazzle at Shot Show 2024 With Cutting-Edge Thermal Imaging

Xinfrared Set to Dazzle at Shot Show 2024 With Cutting-Edge Thermal Imaging

Xinfrared, a prominent brand under Raytron, the leader in infrared thermal imaging, is gearing up to make waves at Shot Show 2024. This premier event is scheduled to take place from January 23 to 26 at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, where Xinfrared will showcase its groundbreaking thermal imaging products at Booth 74412.

Event Highlights

Xinfrared is all set to captivate visitors with its stellar lineup of products, each pushing the boundaries of thermal imaging technology. Among the star attractions are:

  1. Xinfrared T2 Pro: Unveiling the world's smallest thermal monocular, the T2 Pro boasts an impressive range, allowing users to see deer at a remarkable 787 yards. With HD super-resolution, 2-15X zoom, Scope Mate Search, and Crosshair Pro, it's a game-changer in the field.
  2. Xinfrared XH15: Priced at USD 1000, the XH15 claims the title of the best thermal imaging device in its category. Offering a 60Hz frame rate, 25mK high sensitivity, and TactiGrip Pro DIY Modular design, it's a versatile solution for various scenarios.
  3. Xinfrared GO19: Boasting the world's smallest thermal camera, the GO19 features a 19mm lens, 25mK high sensitivity, and a 50Hz frame rate. With its compact design and advanced features like Cam House and Pro Crosshair Function, it's a must-see at the event.
  4. InfiRay NV2: Revolutionizing night vision, the NV2 comes with anti-deer collision technology and IATF 16949 certification. With an ultra-remote night vision range of 200m and AI-powered intelligent anticollision pre-warning, it turns night into day.

Company Goals and Expectations

Xinfrared, a brand synonymous with innovation, is a subsidiary of Raytron, a leader in infrared thermal imaging. The company's mission is not only to provide advanced supervision capabilities but also to bring infrared technology into every household. Xinfrared envisions a better future for the world through its dedication to cutting-edge thermal imaging technologies.

Xinfrared products find applications in various fields, including outdoor night vision observation, smart driving, and cell phone thermal imaging. The company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of thermal imaging has positioned it as a global leader in consumer-grade thermal imaging.

Having achieved numerous milestones, Xinfrared now takes the lead in consumer-grade thermal imaging globally. Looking ahead, the company is committed to exceeding its achievements and continuing to innovate in the world of thermal imaging.

As Shot Show 2024 approaches, Xinfrared invites attendees to explore its booth at Caesars Forum and experience firsthand the future of thermal imaging technology.