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An Amazing Hunt Gear: Xinfrared T2pro Thermal Monocular Can See Clearly Whether in the Day or Night

by ke K 14 Dec 2022

Roysten received his new hunt night vision gear, an Xinfrared T2pro thermal monocular. He couldn't wait to take his dog to the forest. He wanted to try out his new toy.

He firstly pointed the lens at his dog and tried to adjust the thermal imaging mode.

"Oh my God! This is so much fun!" He looked at the dog who kept changing colors in the camera, "I could even see its heat change directly. Its head seems to be the hottest part, and I didn't realize the ears were so bright."

Roysten then turned the camera into the forest, and as the lens imaging mode changed, he saw a surprising world. "We tend to ignore plant life, and it wasn't until I saw the heat emanating from the plants that I felt it," Roysten exclaims.

Just as he was observing this new and exciting world through the Xinfrared T2pro, several glowing animals suddenly burst into its field of view. Royston realized there were several rabbits, hopping into the range of the camera. "They were bright, and the rabbits seen with the T2pro were glowing."

But rabbits weren't Roysten's target for the day. He let the cute rabbits go and continued to look around with his Xinfrared T2pro. The cows were lazily grazing with their glowing tails, and the domestic pigs were feeding together. The bird spread its wings in the sky and it looks even clearer than in the daytime. Roysten also saw a large herd of deer running into the distance. The deer were glowing like the fairy in the story.

Finally, Roysten spotted his target for the day. A fox! It looked so clear on the Xinfrared T2pro's monitor! Roysten set up his gun and whistled at the fox. Because of the distance, the fox even raised its head to wonder where the sound was coming from. It was during this brief pause that Roysten fired. One hit! Here’s today's trophy!

"The T2PRO is so good for night hunting! I didn't realize you could see so far away and still being so clear. These animals are glowing in the lens! It’s an amazing day!" Roysten expressed his satisfaction with today's trophy, "I recommend every hunter to have an Xinfrared T2pro."


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