InfiRay T2Pro Thermal Monocular

The Perfect Scope Mate: Xinfrared T2Pro Thermal Monocular to Improve Your Outdoor Game Experience

As outdoor hunting activities become more and more popular worldwide, enthusiasts or professional hunters are faced with the same question: What kind of thermal gears will bring the best results to my hunting? Let's see why Xinrared  T2Pro thermal monocular would be the perfect answer!

How do you spot or find the animals especially in dark night?

Especially when you plan to hunt in a new field where everything is relative strange to you, what the fatest way to spot or track a animal? At this time, thermal technology plays an important role in observation. Never shine around your flashlight... Try to be patient and quietly and scan around the field with Xinfrared T2Pro thermal monocualr.

What are the greatest advantages of Xinfrared T2Pro Thermal Monocular?

Xinfrared T2Pro thermal monocular helps you easily spot any objective that emits heat within 1300m! Besides that, ultra-clear thermal imaging is also guaranteed by sensitive InfiRay sensor and matrixIV image algorithm... What's more? As world's smallest thermal monocular, InfiRay T2Pro offers better convenience during wild hunting as its lightweight and small size! 

How to use Xinfrared T2Pro to maximize its functionality and durablity?

So as the perfect SCOPE MATE, T2Pro thermal monocular firstly spots the target quickly in night, then pull your trigger to knock it down(a hundred yards away) most importantly, lift up the thermal monocular again to help you scan the prey on the ground, it really helps a lot on searching the animals lying down on the ground, I bet you must struggle in looking for the precious prey which you finally knocked down, or sometimes just could not manage to find it with a pitty.