Xinfrared's Booth at IWA Outdoor Classics 2024 Draws Crowds and Excitement

Xinfrared's Booth at IWA Outdoor Classics 2024 Draws Crowds and Excitement

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As the curtains closed on the IWA Outdoor Classics 2024, one exhibitor stood out among the rest, captivating crowds with their cutting-edge thermal imaging technology. Xinfrared, the master in this field, showcased its latest innovation, the Xinfrared XH15, touted as the World's First Tactical Thermal Imager, at Booth Number 6-435 in the Exhibition Centre from February 29 to March 3.

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Attendees flocked to Xinfrared's booth, eager to experience firsthand the revolutionary capabilities of the XH15. Ryan Mi, Xinfrared's Product Development Director, shared his enthusiasm for the product, highlighting its versatility and unmatched performance. "XH15 supports more than 20 DIY usage modes," Ryan explained, "whether it's mounted on a gun, modifying a helmet, or something else, you only need an XH15 to do it."

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The XH15's groundbreaking specifications didn't disappoint. With the world's highest frame rate of 60Hz, users can enjoy smooth real-time imaging even in dynamic environments. Its high thermal sensitivity of 25mK ensures precise detection of temperature differences, offering optimal clarity and accuracy in outdoor observation and navigation. And with an ultra-long detection range of up to 1500m, the XH15 provides users with unparalleled visibility and situational awareness.

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But Xinfrared's showcase didn't end with the XH15; visitors were treated to a range of other innovative products, including the World's Smallest Thermal Scope Xinfrared T2 Pro and the diminutive yet powerful P2pro. Attendees also had the opportunity to experience hands-on demonstrations of the XT300, X919, Go19, and P2L, pushing outdoor visual limits alongside fellow enthusiasts.

The atmosphere at Xinfrared's booth was electric, with attendees eagerly interacting with the products and engaging in discussions with the knowledgeable staff. It was more than just a display of technology; it was a celebration of innovation and a testament to Xinfrared's commitment to pushing the boundaries of thermal imaging.

As the IWA Outdoor Classics 2024 comes to a close, Xinfrared emerges as a true standout, leaving attendees buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the future of thermal imaging technology.