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Compact in Size, Powerful in Performance: Xinfrared Thermal Camera for Smartphones Receives High Praises at IWA 2023

by ke K 14 Mar 2023

From March 2nd to 5th, 2023, Xinfrared, along with its hero products—thermal cameras for smartphones, such as T2pro and P2pro, showed up at IWA 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany.

To offer the audience a more intuitive outdoor experience, we have arranged a Xinfrared T2pro Thermal Monocular outside the exhibition hall. People were bursting with curiosity about this thermal imaging method and came to communicate with our staff one after another. Listening to our introduction to the excellent product, they swarmed into our booth for trial use. During the exhibition, such trial use has contributed to the sale of more than 40 Xinfrared thermal cameras.

(The featured outdoor product Xinfrared T2pro thermal camera has attracted wide attention.) 

Both Xinfrared® and InfirayOudoor® are sub-brands under InfiRay®. Xinfrared® features thermal cameras for smartphones with excellent performance, which are compact and easy to carry. Whether for outdoor observation, hunting, house inspection, energy leakage detection, or circuit board testing, you can find the ideal one that fits your smartphone from the Xinfrared® family.

For more information about our exhibitions, please stay tuned to our website



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