Xinfrared One XH09
Xinfrared One XH09

Xinfrared One XH09

The One. All in ONE.

Thermography + Thermal Monocular

Thermal Monocular For outdoor hunting, exploring and survival

Thermal Imaging Monocular

For outdoor hunting, exploration, and survival activities

Thermography For home inspection, electrical panels and engineering solutions
Thermography For home inspection, electrical panels and engineering solutions

Thermographic camera

For residential assessments, circuit breaker systems, and technical solutions

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"The InfiRay P2 Pro makes it easy and fun to find where leaks in your home are costing you money and energy. Now I am convinced of its value!"

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“My one observation is that if you need a thermal imaging camera, the
lnfiRay P2 Pro is hard to beat at this price.”

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“A 2-ounce thermal that easily fits in a shirt pocket, the Xinfrared T2 Pro reveals an entire hidden world of nighttime activity.”

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"Thanks to its sensitivity, compact size, excellent range, and ease of use, the InfiRay P2 Pro earned a regular slot in my backpack"

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"It will be both fun to use and come in handy as a dependable tool for detecting faults and errors in things you can’t see or touch."

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"This is a surprising and very useful tool at a competitive price, comfortably beating other thermal cameras while also being even more portable."

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"I like the Xinfrared T2S Plus a lot. It's fast and accurate. For precision work, you need precision tools. This thermal camera gives you just that."

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"P2pro works well enough, with the application of the macro lens, it can be used on much smaller items such as electronics."

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"Affordable, detailed thermal USB-C monocular with a versatile mounting system — the X2 is perfect for pest control or as part of your toolkit."

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"The T2 Pro is reasonably priced at just under $400. The resolution is better than the low-res FLIR ONE and older Seek Thermal smartphone thermal sensors."

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"Xinfrared's X2 is a tiny device that turns your phone into a hunter's thermal night scope. The smooth video is also the best I've seen on any thermal camera"

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"I have to admit that the P2 Pro really impressed me. Not only the resolution, frame rate, and macro lens make it an excellent tool for hardware inspection"

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"It may be tiny, but it packs quite the punch, showing us a world we never imagined existed at a resolution unmatched by similar devices."

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Xinfrared is, the leader in infrared thermal imaging, focusing on the most innovative thermal imaging technologies. We not only offer more advanced super vision capabilities, but also dedicate ourselves to bringing infrared technology into every family and exploring a better future for the world.

As a family of nearly 3,000 employees, including more than 1,000 technicians, we are committed to expanding the horizons of human perception.

Xinfrared has hit many new records and now takes the leading role in consumer-grade thermal imaging worldwide. In the future, we will continue to go beyond ourselves.