Why Is Xinfrared Thermography So Accurate? AI-Temp Algorithm Analysis

Why Is Xinfrared Thermography So Accurate? AI-Temp Algorithm Analysis

Accuracy is the most important indicator for thermography. A thermographic camera captures the infrared radiation in its FOV and then converts it into a digital signal value indicating the greyscale. 

Accuracy is the most important indicator for thermography. A thermographic camera captures the infrared radiation in its FOV and then converts it into a digital signal value indicating the greyscale. However, the value changes and drifts with the environment temperature, and is under influence of factors such as the target emissivity, atmospheric transmissivity, and measurement distance. Xinfrared adopts InfiRay® self-developed AI-Temp Thermography Algorithms to cope with these difficulties.


Powerful Guarantee for Accurate Thermography:

InfiRay® Infrared Detector Chip

With continuous technological progress, InfiRay® becomes the leader of uncooled infrared detector industry. AI-Temp Thermography Algorithms are based on InfiRay® self-developed infrared detector featuring the high response rate and high thermal sensitivity to provide extremely detailed real-time thermography images and temperature data with high-frequency.


Customized Automatic Production and Calibration Line of AI-Temp

Errorless Simulation of Calibration Environment

InfiRay® has built complete automatic production and calibration processing lines based on the characteristics of AI-Temp Thermography Algorithm, and implemented errorless simulations of the calibration environment according to the application environment. In addition, high-performance blackbody is used for thermography calibration. The quantity value transmission and traceability sources of the blackbody can be traced back to well-known facilities around the world, such as the National Institute of Metrology (NIM) of China, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the US, and Laboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais (LNE) in France. Strict measurement accuracy tests are conducted before delivery, fully guaranteeing the implementation of AI-Temp Thermography Algorithms.


AI-Temp Intelligent Thermography Algorithms Set

AI-Temp Thermography Algorithms Set includes intelligent algorithms such as the dynamic temperature drift compensation algorithm with intelligent environment temperature sensing, the thermography correction algorithm based on the target characteristic traceability, and the dynamic prediction algorithm for the skin temperature and core body temperature of human beings based on big data analysis.


Dynamic Temperature Compensation Algorithm

Real-time Automatic Identification and Compensation

The algorithm automatically identifies the environment temperature changes in real time and implements dynamic temperature sensing compensation for the infrared detector output drift caused by the environment temperature changes. The infrared detector collects infrared radiation and therefore is most likely to be influenced by environment temperature changes. Consequently, the infrared detector output changes with environment temperature changes. Based on the product temperature data obtained in real time, AI-Temp automatically calculates the environment compensation parameters that match the data and compensates for the temperature drift in real time.


Traceability Correction Algorithm

Reverse Derivative Correction for the Infrared Radiation Path

Traceability correction is implemented for the deviation in obtaining the infrared radiation energy, which is caused by target measurement distance, emissivity, and atmospheric transmissivity in the environment. In the paths for an infrared detector capturing the target infrared radiation, there are factors hampering the transmission efficiency of the target infrared radiation, such as the target measurement distance, emissivity, and atmospheric transmissivity. AI-Temp Thermography Algorithm, as a contactless and noninvasive thermography technology, is equipped with complete mathematical models of atmospheric transmission. With the configuration of the influencing factor parameters in the models, it can implement reverse derivative correction along the target infrared radiation transmission path, to remove all the influencing factors and obtain the real infrared radiation energy value of the target.


Dynamic Prediction Algorithm for Human Body Temperature

From Exterior to Interior

Based on big data analysis, AI-Temp Thermography Algorithm for human body temperature measurement intelligently predicts and presents the core body temperature using the skin temperature.

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