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nice tool

This small thermic camera is astonishing,so little and so professional.I faced a connection problem at first who was solved re installing P2Pro app.

Very pleased

I purchased the T2 Pro IOS + protective shell. In the first week I have had it, I have used it for a variety of different things. Looking at the world through thermal is amazing. In my house I discovered areas that needed better insulation, outlets and light switches that were consuming electricity, a dragging brake on my car, and if my child used their toothbrush. Outside, is were the T2 Pro shines. I watched white tail deer pass through the woods on the other side of a field in day time that I could not see with my eye. The deer were 30 yards in the woods and 230 yards away from me. For two hours at night we watched the night time activities of raccoons, possum, neighbors cat, mice, a flying squirrel and deer. These critters were from 20 to 180 yards. The flying squirrel was 90 yards. I tend to like white hot and black hot the best.
The refresh rate sets the T2 Pro ahead of similar priced thermals. With 25hz refresh, scanning the area quickly or seeing birds fly by is possible.
I did not think I would like the handle that comes with it but the handle and shell are very versatile. They can be configured several different ways and tripod mounted too. Using the shell on an airsoft is possible with repeatable results, however, if you change the focus it can change the zero.
The rather narrow FOV and 2X zoom make the T2 Pro better suited for outdoor and longer range use. It is still a useful tool for inside the house. It is a manual focus camera that takes a little getting used too. When in focus, the details you can see are impressive for the price. I have not had any problems with the app or camera for the several hours Ive used them. I am very pleased with this unit and it will be very useful around our homestead.
The deer in the video were at 65 yards

The T2 Pro is an excellent thermal camera for the price

Overall this is an excellent thermal camera for the price and a great way to get into thermal imaging on a budget. The T2 Pro is sensitive enough to easily see most animals the size of deer and larger up to about 300+ yards. The maximum range I can confidently identify between different animals of similar size and shape is roughly 150-200 yards.

- Good image quality.
- Low price.

- Requires phone/tablet to function.
- 2x zoom factor may be a pro or con depending on your use case.

I use this thermal camera for scanning, specifically while riding around in a vehicle as I integrated it into a pan-tilt housing with a USB extension to my phone inside the vehicle. It works really well for this purpose.

The thermal image is 256x192 with a 13mm lens. If 13mm does not mean anything to you, understand that the images is zoomed in about 2x and is not ideal for looking at objects that are real close. Also, if you are using it for scanning, know that your field of view is fairly narrow (13.6 degrees or 71.4 ft at 100yards) so you cant scan as quickly as a thermal with a wider field of view.

Because of the small form factor and no internal display this unit requires the app for all functions. That means you are reliant on Xinfrared to keep the app updated and supported in the future. Will the app continue to work with this camera in 2, 5, or even 10 years? I hope so, but there is no way to know for sure.

However, the Xinfrared app that is required to use this camera is pretty solid. There are different color palettes including the most common white-hot and black-hot. I dont use other colors since the they tend to blow out the details. There are a few different modes: normal mode (green eye), highlight mode (red eye) which decreases the brightness of the surroundings highlighting whatever hot, and ninja mode which decreases the overall brightness of the display and highlights warm objects. There is hotspot tracking which marks the hottest point in the image with a target as well as a heat overlay which marks the warmest parts of the image in yellow to red.

The app supports video recording as well as still photos. One issue I had with the app, is that if you are video recording and attempt to change the mode while recording, the app may crash. Other than that I had no issues with the app.

You can also measure temperatures. Note that in order for the temperatures to be accurate, you must be a certain distance away from the object - by default this is set to 1 meter. The accuracy appears to be within a few degrees although I didnt test a wide range of objects. Also note that the thermal reflectivity (aka emissivity) plays a big part in the accuracy of any measurements. If you are attempting to measure the temperature of something with very high emissivity like shiny metal or glass you will actually be measuring whatever is reflecting off of the object rather than the object itself.

One thing that is quite misleading is the detection ranges provided by InfiRay. They may technically be true as in 1 pixel is hot at those ranges in perfect conditions, but realistically that is meaningless. Beyond 200 yards you may be able to see a little dot, but identifying what that dot is gets difficult. I would say for a human sized target it is easy to see and identify within 200 yards.

If you are interested in scanning for wildlife while riding around, you can turn this into a DIY thermal camera turret for your vehicle fairly easily with a pan-tilt searchlight. Search for How to Make Your Own Vehicle Mounted Pan-Tilt Thermal Camera Turret to find out more.

I compared the T2 Pro to another cheaper thermal camera called the Seek Thermal Compact that cost about $250 as well as a thermal scope that costs nearly $4000, the Pulsar Thermion XG50.

The T2 Pro absolutely crushes the Seek Thermal Compact in overall performance. The Seek thermal has a refresh rate that is so low at less that 9hz that anything moving is difficult to see vs. the T2 Pros more respectable 25hz refresh rate. The sensitivity is not given for the Seek Thermal, but the T2 Pro is markedly better. Look at the images side by side and decide for yourself.

Compared to the $4000 thermal scope, the T2 Pro obviously isnt as good and has lower resolution and sensitivity. However, at 1/10th the price it delivers a lot more than 1/10th the performance. Within 200 yards you can see many of the same things that the Pulsar scopes sees, just with less fidelity - but you will be able to determine that something is there and in most cases be able to identify it.

Overall this is a great thermal camera for a good price and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into thermal optics without spending a lot of money.

Works Great. Found some deer.

Lots of functionality and options,

Even though this Xinfrared Thermal imaging monocular is advertised for hunting, my main purpose was to use this to check for thermal leaks in my house and measure hot spots in computer components.

The thermal imager comes in a nicely padded hard case with the necessary USB OTG cables for USB C and micro USB. There's a separate package with the the pistol grip IR imager and phone mount. Everything is pretty easy to assemble and get working. You have to download the Xinfrared app from your local app store. Once installed, the app automatically detects the imager, and starts showing the IR image. You have to manually focus the lens. Mine was pretty stiff, but the images didn't become sharp until I got it to move and was able to focus images. The lens is very telephoto and gives a tightly cropped image.

The resolution of the images is around 1420x1080, which is higher most other IR imagers on the market. It's also capable of taking video. There are plenty of options for picture-in-picture, temperature measurement, and many color options for displaying the IR image. I included a photo with PIP of my neighborhood at night so you can see how well it can see in the dark.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the options an and image quality of the Xinfrared Thermal imaging monocular. It may not be self-contained or elegant as other options, but this gets the job done and does it well.

Incredible clarity!

Thus far Im highly impressed with this thermal monocular iPhone unit. The clarity of the animals you are seeing is incredible. I attached photos of whitetail 400+ feet in a field. You can take video or photos while using the unit. I will mainly be using the unit to hunt hogs. It would also be helpful searching for down deer. I look forward to learning more about the tracking feature you can use on this unit. Along with using different colors of thermal. The big test will be attaching it to my rifle and shooting with it on my rifle.

Great Deal

After 3 weeks of use i can give a truthful review on this thermal, ill try to make this short. The value here is GREAT with everything going up in price this is probably the best buy of the year for me. You can't find a thermal with this resolution, frame rate and an ip65 rating for this price anywhere else. If your on the fence about buying one don't hesitate they might start raising the price on this thermal.

InfiRay P2 Pro Thermal Camera -4℉ to 1112℉ Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera, 256*192,25Hz

Tiny and mighty

Small and powerful thermal camera, the price is not a problem for anyone that really needs to use one regularly, the quality is amazing and also the images that you can take from it, the best of all it fits in any pocket.

Amazing Thermal Scanner

Bought this thermal scanner to give it a try for predator hunting. Also bought a similar priced all in one handheld unit. The difference is night and day. This unit is extremely clear and is really convenient to use with the included carry hand mount. mount. The ease of use makes it perfect to keep in the car and spot animals in the middle of the night without having to use a spotlight. I will definitely be showing this off to friends and insisting they get one. 5 stars for sure.

satisfied, excellent product

I am 100% satisfy with purchase, extreme quality product, work perfect, i recommend of this product.

No Zoom

So far it's okay with this camera, the application that is used to view through can use a bit more features. The biggest thing I don't like is that you cannot zoom what you see is what you get. Most of the things that you test seem to be fairly accurate except for my celling, I have vaulted ceilings and there is no insulation and when I point the camera it seems the heat marker is not accurate all the time.

Inexpensive Alternative to Other High End Thermal Imaging Scopes and Devices.

The actual Thermal unit is just a tiny small cube with USB C connector on it. Everything else you get with it is quite large in comparison and this fits into the USB C port on your phone (or by adaptor) and is used along with their proprietary Xinfrared phone App that makes it all work. Once you download and install the App and hook up the unit to your phone either directly or by adaptor or cord you have to OK/Authorize the OTG (On The Go) function on your phone which did take me sometime to research to get working on my Samsung as it did NOT have under Settings/Advance OTG on/off to find, select. In my case after having it all attached after a while a message asked me to ok something which I did and off we went to thermal land. The Xinfrared App has various viewing selections like hot spot tracking, to thermal greys to colors to choose from. And of course you have as part of the package adapters to hold your phone with the Thermal Sensor Cube on by handle (hand), gun mount, tri-pod. Once you have everting going and selected the way you want then you can go around seeing the world thermally through your phones display screen on their app by the thermal color selection you made. This is quite different than looking through a night visions scope or binoculars which uses ambient light intensified viewed by shades of grey or green. This is going off heat signatures painting a different type picture. Not exactly as good as the very most expensive dedicated thermal viewing scopes but not bad either for way far less. There are now other alternatives available in Thermal Imaging devices not available or affordable as before you can get here on Amazon by searching that. But this is a good device out of the selection to choose from.

Unbelievable at this price point!

The InfiRay P2 Pro is a small and budget-friendly thermal camera that I picked up for personal use. I work regularly with thermography equipment, both handheld and drone mounted imagers but my requirements outside of work are far less demanding. Even though brands like FLIR and Seek offer smartphone-attached cameras for under $1,000, I took a chance on the P2 Pro instead. Its specs not only matched but often surpassed the competition, all while being priced much lower.

Initial set up is very simple: unbox, install the app, plug in the camera. The physical size of P2 caught me off guard, it is shocking how far thermal imaging has come in the last ten years. It's just a tad bigger than a quarter's diameter and about as thick as a stack of six quarters C very pocketable. The build quality has a nice finish to it. Aluminum housing and a plastic shroud around the USB-C connector seem to provide enough surface area to wick away heat from the camera, keeping it cool while operating. Im more concerned about losing it due to its size than damage from a drop. However, if a thin silicone bumper or a magnetic lens cap were sold, Id be 1st in line to purchase them.

On to the actual use of the P2 Pro. The photos included in my review are of a water heater, laptop CPU, and a motorcycle engine. One picture was taken on the P2 Pro and another taken shortly after with a FLIR E95. For context, the FLIR has been recently discontinued but was originally purchased for about $9,000. This isnt apples-to-apples but it is exemplary of how the P2 punches well above its price. The P2s sensor resolution of 256x192 is plenty enough to see what Im looking at without relying on image enhancements or overlays. Not to mention there is no alignment process to run when the overlay decides to shift by several inches (looking at you FLIR) Moving the camera from point to point was very smooth thanks to the 25Hz refresh rate and speedy calibration times. Temperature accuracy is good when emissivity settings are correct, and the presets save time when dealing with various materials. The app worked well on my Galaxy S23 Ultra, though it occasionally didn't load automatically when the camera was plugged in. I experienced no crashes or stuttering, aside from the calibration delays, which is typical for most thermal cameras. Using the camera did warm up my phone and caused some battery drain, but for 30-minute bursts, it worked just fine. Overall, the P2 Pro is an impressive performer for its price and I wouldnt hesitate to purchase it again!

Amazing item. I love it so much

I love it so much.This device is great for seeing thermal leaks in your house. You can see hot components on circuit boards without having to actually touch them. Overall great product for the price compared to other products.

Tiny camera with very good resolution, horrible software

Consumer infrared cameras have skyrocketed in quality and resolution lately, and the price has come down at the same time.

This is the smallest IR camera I have seen yet. It plugs into a phone (or computer) via USB-C. I tested it with a Samsung Note 20.

The package contains the camera, as well as a macro (close-up magnification) lens that mounts to the camera magnetically. There is a dust cover for the camera for when it is not being used.

Like so many of these types of cameras, the USB-C connector on the camera itself is too short. This means you can NOT use this camera on a phone which has a case installed on it. Being that this camera is likely going to be used by people looking at machinery, houses, workbenches, etc. it should be expected that the phones are going to have cases on them. Another manufacturer's IR camera that I tested recently had an extended USB-C connector to allow the camera to be installed on the phone when the phone has a case. This is a huge shortcoming of this camera. It does come with a small USB extension cable, which allows the camera to be used with a PC, or plugged into the phone, but now the camera is dangling at the end of a wire, and must be aimed separately from the phone - and it completely negates the function where you can use the IR camera and phone camera in tandem.

The camera itself is sensitive and its 256x192 resolution is light years ahead of the 32x32 resolution of IR cameras from just a couple of years ago.

The camera app you must run on your phone in order to operate the camera is in a word, terrible. It requires a bunch of permissions that it does not need, including location permission. I ran this app on a test phone which does not have any account or personal information on it - I would not trust this app on my main phone.

The app controls are all oriented such that you use the app in landscape mode. The controls are all oriented in landscape, as are the on-screen temperature indicators - except for one of them, which inexplicably shows up oriented to portait mode (while everything else is still in landscape). As a result, you naturally hold the phone in landscape mode while using the app, taking pictures and videos.

However, everything produced by the app inexplicably is saved in portrait mode! As a result, every single test image and video that I took is sideways. There is no way to fix this - why the app saves everything as portrait when the phone is being held in landscape mode, unlike every other photo app on the face of the earth, I don't know.

The images are clear, and the indicators of temperature are accurate. It does have the ability to add a visible light image (taken from the phone's camera) as an inset, but it is not capable of doing an overlay, as many other IR cameras can do when equipped with a coaxial visible light camera.

The video is consistent and smooth, with no hiccups. Both video and image resolution is saved as 1440 x 1080 pixels.

Overall, this IR camera produces consistent, high-quality images, probably the best I have seen from a consumer level IR camera. It's unfortunate that the oversight of a too-short USB-C connector and poor quality phone app let it down.

Who is this for?
- Home inspectors, mechanics, anyone who needs to see hot/cold

- Excellent quality image
- Very good video
- Accurate temperature measurements

- USB connector too short; can't use with phone case
- Terrible app requests un-needed permissions and saves images in wrong orientation

Best camera for electronics

Due to the adjustable focus it is super easy to target specific components on a PCB and the great capability of discriminating slightly different temperature saves time identifying the culprit of a fault.

Works amazingly well but don't smudge the lens!

InfiRay P2 Pro Thermal Camera for iPhone, Thermal Imager with Magnetic Macro Lens, 256x192 IR High Resolution, -4H to 1112H Temperature Range, 9g Smallest Thermal Imaging Camera with 40mk for iOS (P2 Pro for IOS + Magnetic Macro Lens)

My husband was so excited that I ordered this for him. He says all you need to do to start taking thermal images is download an app called Thermal P2 from the App Store and this camera is ready to go. It works plugged in facing either way and also with an MFi certified Lightning cable extension, which is my husband's preferred method since he can get the camera in tighter spaces with this than he could with any other thermal cameras he's used. The macro lens works fine but it is really only useful for extreme close-up imaging like tiny surface mount electronic components. It finds and marks the high and low temperature points in the image as well as showing the temperature at the crosshair in the center. You can choose from numerous color palettes, and it auto-rotates the measurements, even if you hold the phone upside-down. The images are as good as those from a handheld FLIR thermal my husband has at his work, but this is much less expensive and is powered directly from the iPhone. The only thing about it is that you've got to be careful not to touch the IR lens which is a little challenging since there is no cover for it. My husband plans on 3D printing a housing, with cover, that will let sit recessed so you can accidentally touch the lens. Highly recommend.


Impressive in 2023

Pretty impressed how far thermal has come at this price point in 2023. I have this and the P series. The T2 definitely is vastly superior for further away stuff, inside the house the P series FOV is great but outside not so much. While the T2 is almost too zoomed in inside a house it's still usable.


It is very impressive. I was able to install the app quickly, and plug it in, and it immediately worked. I've worked in machine and computer vision for a long time, and the quality and resolution at this price is really great. I'm used to paying a lot more for anything remotely like this, and while this isn't science level quality, it's amazing for what the average person wants to do with it. I'd say that the interface seems extremely simple, and I'm not sure why the advanced interface is advanced, but maybe I'm jaded. I'm sure there are things I'd like to do that aren't in there, but that's what I get for having written or software myself. This is a steal. I can't say much for the accuracy of the temperature data, the longevity of the device or app, or the security of the app, but the first impression is really good.

Also, don't worry about the camera freezing up as I've seen in other reviews. Any decent IR camera will do this, this is how they recalibrate, they close the shutter long enough to adapt and calibrate again because of drift. The super expensive cameras do not this. The sensor reacts to heat, and unlike your color camera the device itself gives off heat which that messes up the picture, and this corrects for that.

I did see a review implying that it will show up as a standard USB camera, so if you're technical at all you might be able to work with that (I haven't tried yet).

Also, word of warning, the macro lens for the iPhone will NOT work on this Android camera. Apparently these two cameras are different sizes. Currently the Android lens is not available on Amazon, so I'm going to have to try to figure out how to get one. I'm hoping to use it for electronics work.

nice thermal camera

Simply EXCELLENT and PROFESSIONAL. Item arrived in just 6 days. All items were in a foog looking carry case. I highly recommend Infiray, DHL and Aliexpress. I'll definitely use them again

Nice but a handful.

I really like the colors and the Imaging capabilities I just wish it was able to zoom out more and not be so far zoomed in on the default and wish there was a way to save videos and images rotated instead of having to re-edit them on the phone even though they've been flipped on the app just a little tricky not the most convenient thing in the world but other than that very great quality and sometimes the manual focus is a pain in the butt but sometimes it is very nice just depends on what you want.

Seems to be capable but can be damaged due to its small size.

The user interface for the software is quite good and intuitive.
I bought this because I needed measurements at 300 to 600C which most other iPhone compatible devices couldnt provide.
The device is capable and easy to use but not sure if the readings are accurate - especially above 150C. I tried to to take measurements of a flame and hot surfaces that was over 300C but the maximum it could register was 170C.
The size is a concern for me since I plan to use it in an industrial environment and if it gets knocked off, it will surely be damaged - especially the lens.
There is no information on how to use the Macro lens - I cannot make out any difference due to it.
The fact that it uses a proprietary software and the Lightning interface means that some time in the future it will become obsolete or the vendor can simple stop supporting it.
I have sent questions to tech support in China and am waiting for replies.

Barely bigger than a quarter

?This performed better than my Flir and all other thermal imaging devices I've tested to date. The macro lens is a must if you're trying to get close up like on a circuit board.