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"150 m Ultra-far Night Vision" Thermal Camera for Smartphone On Sale|Xinfrared T2

by xinfrared Admin 12 Dec 2020

150 m Ultra-far Night Vision

Based on InfiRay® X-clear thermal imaging technology and Matrix Ⅳimage processing technology, Xinfrared T2 Thermal Camera For Smartphone uses a 12μm 256×192 HD thermal imaging detector to allow a high frame of 25Hz and provide clear and smooth images. Moreover, Xinfrared T2 Thermal Camera For Smartphone has been fully upgraded to become more powerful, truly applicable to outdoor application scenarios.

In 30m Distance

Visible light vs. Xinfrared T2 Thermal Camera

In 60m Distance

Visible light vs. Xinfrared T2 Thermal Camera

In 141m Ultra-far Distance

Visible light vs. Xinfrared T2 Thermal Camera


For Enthusiasts, Act Quickly

Xinfrared T2 Thermal Camera For Smartphone can be widely used in scenarios including wilderness survival, animal observation, night running and hiking, short video making, and live streaming. 

01 Wilderness Survival


02 Night Running and Hiking


03 Short Video Making and Live Streaming

04 Animal Observation

Backpackers looking forward to traveling all over the world, expedition leaders seeking thrills, sportsmen keen on night running and cycling, and vloggers looking for breakthroughs...Act quickly! Get T2 Search now to see through the night.


All-seeing Eye, Night Vision Track

Xinfrared T2 Thermal Camera for Smartphone


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