Android-Magnetic Macro Lens

Android-Magnetic Macro Lens

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Discover the intricacies of your surroundings using the magnetic macro lens attachment for the P2pro thermal camera. Convenient and adaptable, it provides clear views of minute details, such as a 0.25mm resistor, from a distance of 4cm. Effortlessly detach for extended-range observations. 

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Based on 141 reviews
This think is awesome

I honestly dont know what else to more than met my expectations.

Might work but extremely expensive

in Edition to the High Price twenty Euro of Customs on top!

Good day seems like there was a delay on shipping. ETA was set for the 15th May.

great potential in RnD applications

I need a contactless yet reliable measure of samples' temperature in lower 100-s C temperatures, where most of the available pyrometers suffer from lack of precision. So I have great hopes with this Infiray camera for increasing the quality of research in academia. I would have appreciated, however, a USB-C outlet on the BACK of camera for minimization of the camera profile, so that it is easier placed into a tube housing, for example. The other drawback is that for monitoring the temerature of a sample inside a vacuum chamber, one would need a IR-transparent window with enough transmission in 8-16 um. Fortunately, ZnSe or ZnS or many other relatively cheap solutoins will work. I might update the review when I get to test it in real applications. Also getting an API for integrating the camera into a part of bigger control system would have been greatly appreciated!

iOS-XH09 Scope Mount
Jason Denmark
Scope mount

Heavy duty. Looks & Fits great

a New Thermal Imaging Experience

Since upgrading to the Xinfrared P2Pro, I've noticed some significant improvements right away. Firstly, compared to my previous Flir E5, the P2Pro has a noticeably faster frame rate, allowing me to observe changes in the environment more clearly. Secondly, the screen size is larger than the E5, making it easier for me to distinguish details. With the P2Pro, the higher frame rate means I can easily spot small animals hiding behind walls and even observe their movements without missing out due to a slow frame rate. Overall, I believe the P2Pro offers better value for the price and addresses some of the issues I encountered while using the E5.

Much easier than a handhold thermal imager

I got this infrared thermal imager mainly for checking and repairing cars. It's way handier and easier to use than traditional handhold tools like a hammer. Plus, it's smaller and more convenient, fitting right in my pocket. The best part is, I can check and edit the data right on my phone without having to export it. It's made my job a whole lot easier, and I'm really happy with it! Definitely recommend it to anyone who needs it!

Precise and stable on air gun

A little challenging to assemble but is an amazing, well built piece of kit. Metal construction, very sturdy. Fruit raiding rodents do not enjoy. 😉

No problems using it, just wish software updates were more frequent.

I'm quite impressed with the XH09. The image quality is excellent, and the refresh rate is also good, perfectly meeting my occasional outdoor needs. Here's a photo I took during a vehicle inspection with the XH09; you can even see the heat emitted by the laser radar. The only issue is that software updates are a bit slow, and it's been a while since the last update. Also, taking photos can be a bit inconvenient; there were a few times when I thought I had pressed the shutter button, but it turns out the photo wasn't taken. This might be a bit challenging for someone like me who isn't very tech-savvy.

Capture life with XH09, see the world differently!

XH09 offers exceptional image clarity, allowing us to explore the outdoors and discover adorable animals through infrared technology. Plugging the XH09 into my phone, we had a fantastic family experience, observing the world through the phone screen. Both my kids and I found it incredibly exciting! Here are a few snapshots taken by the kids on the road.

T2 Pro Crazy Details

This unit is a steal for the pice! With allthe features it ofers,it's a great starer thermal imager.l've been eyeing this one, and the size of the unit andthe quality of the view are iust mind-blowing.

Test Out this Affordable Thermal imaging camera T2Pro.

Got my hands on it and couldn't wait to giveit a go.As soon as l aimed it at my bunny,l knewhad to write a review.ce point. Can't wait toThe image detail processing is just awesomecan't believe l got something this good at this prisee how it performs outdoors!

High cost-effectiveness with outstanding performance.

As a police officer in a rural area, I purchased this thermal imager primarily for officer safety and suspect identification during dark conditions, especially in orchards or hills where suspects tend to flee. I've tested it up to 90 yards with excellent person detection and identification, even in dense fog. I highly recommend it to others for its effectiveness and reliability.

Checking Car Seat Heaters with P2pro Thermal Imager

My friend in car repairs suggested I get this P2pro. It's awesome—clear images for all the usual checks. Skipped the macro lens version 'cause I don't need it. Here's a pic I snapped with my P2pro thermal imager on my phone, checking my car seat heater.

superpower against darkness

Night driving in the rain used to terrify me, but with the NV2, even a downpour is no match. 🌧️ It’s like possessing a superpower to pierce through darkness and rain.

Unbelievable xh09

The XH09 is truly amazing! I've been searching for a thermal imager that can see details through objects, and the XH09 perfectly fits the bill. I was surprised to find that it can even see my toes through the uppers of my sports shoes! It's simply incredible! The performance and features of the XH09 far exceeded my expectations, and I'm really satisfied with this purchase!

Picture-Perfect Clarity

As someone who's already bought the XH09, I've got to say, the X-Cube feature is truly impressive! When you turn it on, the image instantly gets clearer, like seeing things in a whole new light.
The first one's with this feature switched on, while the second's without it.

Iphone15 USB C Adapter
Douglas Poland
Yea, it works!

I’d been without my Xinfrared camera since I purchased the iPhone 15. I was a little disappointed that a generic Lightning to USB-C adapter did not work and that I had to pay $30 to get a working adapter from the vendor. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Tiny powerhouse...

Excellent long range viewer, fast shipping, the case and the included handle is a nice extra!! And obviously the price!

The Perfect Tool for HVAC Professionals

As an HVAC professional, having the right tools is essential. The P2 Pro has quickly become my go-to thermal camera for diagnosing issues and ensuring optimal performance. It's a game-changer for anyone in the industry.

Discovering Hidden Problems with Thermal Imaging

The P2 Macro lens has opened my eyes to a whole new world of hidden problems. From leaks to electrical issues, its thermal imaging capabilities have helped me uncover issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Thermal Imaging for Wildlife Conservation

As a wildlife enthusiast, I've been using the P2pro to monitor animal behavior and track wildlife movement. Its thermal imaging capabilities have been instrumental in my conservation efforts, allowing me to observe animals without disturbing them.

A Hidden Gem in Thermal Imaging

The P2pro is like a hidden gem in the world of thermal imaging. It's far superior to many other options out there, yet it doesn't get the recognition it deserves. If you're in the market for a reliable thermal camera, don't overlook this one.

T2S Plus Work Station
Jaromír Marek

T2S Plus Work Station

Awesome camera.

Awesome camera with my galaxy S20 phone. There is one problem and it is the size of the camera. Way easy to lose it. I am trying to figure out how to make some kind of belt attachment camera storage pocket.